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Elixinol CBD Dog Treats – Are They Worth Trying?


CBD has suddenly become the “it” thing for helping with so many medical problems however there is one company that was around before the world really knew what CBD was – Elixinol.

In the following review we’re going to take a look at Elixinol and determine if it’s worth a look (spoiler – it is).

Who is Elixinol?

Elixinol is a pioneer in the CBD industry having been started back in 1991. The founder, Paul Benhaim, learned about CBD and some of its benefits back in 1991 and began traveling the world learning all he could about it. His first product, the ‘9bar’ snack back is still one of the world’s best-selling hemp products.

Paul works with everyone from seed breeders and suppliers to the quality control personnel to source the highest-quality hemp from around the world to use in Elixinol products.

They use hemp farms in both the US (Colorado) and Europe. They work from seed to sale with the farmers and producers at each of their locations to ensure they have the very best products.

The company works on a seven pillar philosophy that guide how they work and operate. These pillars include:

  • Clear Vision
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Superior Product Sourcing
  • Expert Product Development
  • Strong Channel Partners
  • World-Class Customer Experience
  • Giving Back


A good quality CBD oil is determined by a number of different factors.

  • Source and Purity: Elixinol uses hemp that is organically grown and processed in choice locations of Northern Europe and North America before being sent to the U.S. and other countries.
    • Hemp is a hyperaccumulator and absorbs everything it finds in the soil it is cultivated in. As a result anything found in the soil or used on the plant will end up in the plant and as a result in the final product. Based on this hemp that is organic and free of artificial ingredients and synthetics provides the best product.
  • Production Method: They use a chemical free CO2 extraction process. CO2 extraction is considered one of the most expensive however one of the safest plant extraction methods in the world.
  • Full Spectrum: Elixinol uses a full-spectrum hemp extract from specially hybridized industrial hemp. The fact that their products are listed as full spectrum means that they use the whole plant in their extraction. Studies have shown that this method provides the most CBD and provides the best therapeutic effect as you are getting all the benefits of the plant.
  • Amount of THC: All products are said to contain only trace amounts of THC (within the legal amount which is less than 0.3%)

Elixinol Review

Lab Testing

Elixinol’s website states that all of their products undergo rigorous testing and then the results are confirmed. They test for potency, microbiological contamination, heavy metals, pesticides and the unique terpene profile.

They submit multiple samples of the same products as well as a dummy sample to ensure stability of the lab’s analysis. I did note that in the information provided on the testing it does not specifically state that they use third party testing. When I asked customer service if they use a third part for testing the response I received was a link to the certificates of analysis rather than an actual answer. This does lead me to wonder if the testing is all internal or if they do use a third party.

For the dog treats however it does state on the page for them that they use third party testing for that product. This could be because the product is thru Pet Releaf which Elixinol only recently acquired a stake in but it could also be because they do use third party testing for all products.

They provide a copy of the recent lab test results for all of their products on their website for customers to view. This is readily accessible and easy to find.

Shipping and Processing

Elixinol advertises free shipping within the 50 states. They also state they do ship internationally as well.

The site does state that processing times may vary from 5 to 10 business days and then shipping will vary depending on location.

I did order some dog treats for my dog and it took about 2 weeks to receive the treats. This seemed a bit long to me. I had ordered from two other sites a day later and received those products in less than a week.

The site does state that any duty, import or general taxes or fees will be passed to the customer. Additionally, it states that an international order held by customer or lost in transit will not receive a refund. They ask that customers inquire with their local legislation before submitting their order to ensure it can be received.

This was slightly disappointing to see. Most other companies are aware of the different laws in the different countries and do not ship to locations where it is not legal. Although this is something that is always ultimately the customer’s responsibility, Elixinol is obviously not keeping up with laws in the different countries and is not willing to take any accountability in shipping.

Customer Service

Elixinol’s website does provide a chat feature which should allow customers a quick and easy way to ask questions and get more information on the products. Although this service is available to customers it is not the most effective.

When I reached out with some questions via the chat it took much longer than I would expect to obtain answers. I don’t know if this was due to too many people asking questions without enough support personnel available to answer the questions, if it was due to a lack of knowledge and training of the support personnel or something else.

I also didn’t find the support personnel as friendly and helpful as I have found on other sites.

Considering Elixinol is a pioneer in the industry I would have expected better service and was slightly disappointed by service I received.

Return Policy

They ask customers to carefully inspect their products upon arrival. Customers can process a claim for damaged products within 72 hours of receipt. To do this they must submit an email to customer support. The email must include detailed information including images for the damaged product.

If customers are not satisfied with the product they may request a refund of the full purchase price within 30 days of the purchase date. This needs to be submitted in writing as well.

I have not used their return policy and am not aware of anyone that has and therefore I can not speak to how well this process does or does not work.

Pet Products

Elixinol recently (April 2019) purchased a 25% stake in Pet Releaf, a pet based CBD company. At this time Elixinol is offering two flavors of Pet Releaf dog treats on their site: Peanut Butter & Banana and Blueberry & Cranberry.

These treats are offered in two different CBD potencies:

  • All dog size$23.99 a bag Elixinol CBD Pet Treats
    • 1-1.5 mg of CBD per treat
    • 0% THC
    • Full Spectrum
    • The CBD help oil is produced from organic, European grown hemp plants
    • Made with organic human grade and whole food ingredients
    • Created with Veterinarians and a chef
  • Large Breed dogs
    • $34.99 a bag
    • 3 mg of CBD per treat
    • 0% THC
    • Full Spectrum
    • The CBD help oil is produced from organic, European grown hemp plants
    • Made with organic human grade and whole food ingredients
    • Created with Veterinarians and a chef


Elixinol cares about giving back and in fact donates 5% of every purchase to charity. The customer has an option of selecting from: Realm of Caring, Autism One, Vote Hemp, American Brain Rumor Association, The Cancer Cure Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project.


Elixinol has a wealth of information on their website in regards to what CBD is, how to use it and what it can help manage. This is primarily geared towards human usage and management at this time however if you go thru you can find some information for pets as well. I expect the pet information may increase as they begin to work more with Pet Releaf.


  • Organic hemp
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Full spectrum
  • Good strength CBD
  • Third party lab testing – with results easily available to view on their website
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Ships to all 50 states with free shipping
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Lot of educational information available on their website
  • 5% of every purchase goes to charity


  • Customer service leaves a little to be desired
  • Slow processing and shipping time

Final Comments

Elixinol is a market leader of CBD products and I don’t think you can go wrong by buying their products.

From my experience (and some comments I have read) their customer service is not the best however there are people available if you can wait for a response.

Their processing times are rather slow compared to others in the industry but I think this is in part due to the fast growth this industry has been seeing and as long as you are ordering in advance and plan for this delay you should be OK.

When it comes down to it however they provide a high quality, organic product with little to no THC and I would not hesitate to purchase and use this product for myself or my dogs (in fact my boys do have the treats).

With the recent stake in Pet Releaf I believe they will begin to offer more and more high quality pet products on their site as well.

CBD Dog Treats Large Breed

If you have any questions, comments, insights or stories to share please leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Elixinol CBD Dog Treats – Are They Worth Trying?

  1. Our best friends have a dog that is battling cancer. They give him CBD to help with the pain and any type of arthritis he may have. I will definitely tell them about your site and this company! I’m sure their pups will be so happy to get some treats along with his CBD!

    1. Poor pup – sounds like the CBD is helping and I’m so glad. I know my boy enjoys the treats and I hope your friend’s dog does too if they try it.

  2. You have a detailed review of the company profile, as well as the product. Your visitor will never go wrong because you have provided the necessary information — great analysis of the product. I want to try this for my pet.

  3. Up until reading your article I wasn’t aware of CBD. I am certainly a lot better informed about the medical benefits for dogs. As a dog owner myself I am considering trying it out.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I wasn’t entirely aware of CBD oils for dogs but I see now it’s quite common! Very informational about Elixinol, I’ll have to remember that name if my girlfriend is ever needing more treats for her little dog. It chihuahua, so it’s constantly under stress from any noises or sudden movements.

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