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How CBD Oil Can Help Excessive Dog Barking

CBD and Excessive Barking

It’s a fact of life – Dogs Bark. Barking is how dogs communicate and it is part of their behavior. This can be a good thing as many people want their dogs to be “watch dogs” however some dogs bark excessively which can be rather frustrating and annoying.  There are many ways to help manage this issue and one way could be CBD Oil.

In two scientific surveys of dog owners approximately 1/3 of them reported that their dogs bark excessively. To help curb this behavior the first thing that needs to be done is to determine why your dog is barking.

Why Dogs Bark

Dogs bark as a form of communication and they bark for a number of different reasons. Some dog breeds have been bred to bark as part of their herding or “watch dog” duties. It is also used to warn, defend, to get attention and/or play, anxiousness, excitement, boredom or from being startled.

Types of Barking

There are a number of different reasons dogs bark and the reason can help determine the best course of action in curbing the excessive barking. Some reasons dogs bark include:

  • Territorial/Protective: Most dogs will bark when a person or animal comes into an area the dog considers theirs. This is the “watch dog” mentality many owners like to have however some dogs can get a bit aggressive during this type of barking and they can do it to excess.
  • Alarm/Fear: Some pups will bark at any noise or object that catches their attention or startles them (this is common for dogs that are not big fans of thunderstorms). This can happen anywhere that the dog may go, not just at home. For some dogs this may be more occasional like just during thunderstorms but for some dogs it can become excessive as they will bark at every little noise and every leaf that blows past the window. CBD and Excessive Barking
  • Greeting: Dogs have a tendency to bark with they are greeting other animals and people. This is typically a happy bark and comes with some happy tail wagging. It may be accompanied by some jumping as well (especially in younger dogs). Although this type of barking is a happier bark and does not normally get to excessive; some dogs will bark until they are acknowledged by the person or animal they are greeting so it can get excessive if greeting is not returned.
  • Separation Anxiety/Compulsive: Dogs with separation anxiety often bark excessively when left alone. In this case the owner might not be aware of the issue but their neighbors might fill them in on the problem. Those that bark due to separation anxiety will typically have other issues as well such as destructiveness and pacing. A compulsive barker appears to just like the sound of their bark (you might know some people like this as well). These dogs will often make repetitive movements, like running along a fence or in circle, as well.
  • Attention Seeking: As a young puppy a dog typically learns that barking will get them attention from their owners. Most dogs are happy with any attention they obtain whether it be positive or negative so they will bark just to get a little attention and love.

Treating Excessive Barking

Treating the barking problem can take time and lots of patience as it won’t happen overnight. Some things to keep in mind when working with your dog on this issue are:

  • Shouting actually stimulates your dog and can lead to increased barking as your dog may think you are joining in on the “fun”. You should always try to speak calmly and firmly but not yell at the dog. This can be hard at times as the barking can be frustrating and sometimes we yell out of frustration however it really can make a bad situation worse.
  • Most dogs don’t actually understand “SHUT UP!” As a result you want to train them to under a word like “Quiet”. This is easier for the dog to understand.
    • One way to do this would be to say “Quiet” in a calm and firm voice when your dog is barking. Once the dog stops, even if it’s just for a quick breath, praise him and give him a treat. Just make sure to not reward him while barking. Eventually he will incorporate not barking with the word quiet and a treat – just like training him to sit or lay down.
    • You can also try to train your dog to speak and then once that working you can signal him to stop with a different command (like quiet).
  • A tired dog can lead to a quiet dog. CBD and Excessive Barking

Some Things to Note

  • Don’t allow this behavior to go on and on. The longer it takes to correct this behavior the harder it will be to break it. Additionally barking can give your dog an adrenaline rush making the act pleasant. Some dogs may eventually become aggressive in some barking situations if left to go on long term.
  • Excessive barking could also be related to some medical problems (from a bee sting to brain disease to ongoing pain). It is always good to have your dog checked by a veterinarian to ensure there are no medical reasons for the excessive barking.

What is CBD Oil

CBD is made from hemp which contains less than 0.3% THC while the related marijuana contains up to 30% THC. THC is the element that produces the high people talk about when taking marijuana and THC. The two plants are related and offer similar health benefits however CBD, being made from hemp, does not have the downsides of THC.

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system which includes receptors throughout every part of the body. The purpose of these receptors is to stabilize the inside of the body despite any fluctuations in the outside world. CBD works with these receptors to stabilize the system and does so without the high of THC. CBD has been shown to provide a number of medical benefits without the high but also without any serious side effects (when used properly).

How Can CBD Oil Help Curb Excessive Barking in Your Dog

CBD can’t help all forms of excessive barking as it won’t be able to prevent a playful puppy from barking however there are a number of causes of excessive barking that can be helped with CBD Oil.

Some of the above mentioned reasons for barking are the result of anxiety. Some of these include barking due to fear or alarm and barking due to separation anxiety. CBD oil can have a calming effect and as a result can help relieve anxiety.

CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system helps provide a relaxation effect. As your dog relaxes and he will become less anxious which will lessen their need to excessively bark.

CBD and Excessive Barking

If you have any questions, comments, insights or stories to share please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “How CBD Oil Can Help Excessive Dog Barking

  1. This is an excellent post. As someone who has recently taken up dog walking duties, I understand now the different personalities that dogs can have. I regularly walk a Boston Terrier who tends to only bark when out, only at other dogs and never usually when in the house, so maybe not a problem for us, but I know other dog owners whose pet drives them up the wall. I’ll show them this post.


  2. Dude yes, great post! I have a boxer/lab mix that doesn’t stop barking! One, you’ve informed me of all the different reasons that he could be barking and two, I feel absolutely convince to get this stuff for him.

    For some reason he only likes to bark at night =|

    So thank for the great read!

    1. Oh that’s the worst when they just bark all night. Nobody gets any sleep then. If you decide to try this I hope it works – would love to hear about it.

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