CBD Oils for Dogs

How to use CBD Oil for your Dog

CBD Oil for Dogs

The use of CBD Oil in both humans and dogs has increased significantly over the last year or two however research into the benefits and effects remains ongoing.

Despite the fact that the research to date is minimal more and more people are turning to CBD Oil as way to more naturally deal with a number of different issues. The personal anecdotes from people on their personal use as well as their use on their dogs has been very favorable leading more and more people to try CBD.


Why CBD Oil

Although research is still in the early stages the research that has been done has been very promising. Many dog owners have begun using CBD oils for their furry friends and have reported very favorable results.

CBD is believed to be able to help your dog with a number of different things including the following:

Side Effect of CBD Oil

Research has shown that CBD may help with some of the above mentioned conditions and that it does so without any significant side effects.

Side effects include lethargy, dry mouth and lowered blood pressure (for a short period). CBD does not damage any internal organs and this is a big reason more people are turning to this product for help. CBD will also not get your dog high.

Types of CBD products available for your dog

There are many ways a person can purchase CBD for their dog including:

  • Tincture (Oil) – with a dropper bottle
    • Can be applied directly into the mouth
    • Added to food
    • Dropped on a treat
    • Rubbed into the bare skin or inside of ears
    • Dropped onto a paw so the dog will lick it off
  • Treats CBD Dog Treats
  • Capsules or gel caps
  • Topical ointments

Recommended CBD Dosage for Dogs

The basic rule for dogs is 1-5 MG of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. This is mostly recommended twice a day or every 12 hours.

It is important to keep in mind that every dog is different and will react differently to CBD. As a result it is recommended that you start with a smaller dosage at first (like 1 MG for every 10 pounds) and see how your dog reacts before upping the dose. This is easy to do if using an oil with a dropper bottle but not always so easy if using any of the other types of products. If using treats you can break the treats into smaller pieces.

Depending on what you are trying to treat a small dose may be sufficient (i.e. a smaller dose may be sufficient for something like anxiety however a higher dose may be needed for pain management). Start small and keep an eye on your dog to see how they react. If the smaller dose appears sufficient stay with that but if not slowly move up the dose until you have the desired effect. If your dog overly sleepy after you gave them CBD it is likely the dose was too high for them.

You should also contact your vet before starting CBD Oil for your dog. You will want to make sure that the CBD Oil will not negatively affect any current medications. Also if you are intending to replace any current medications with CBD Oil you will want to discuss this with the vet to make sure it is done safely (some medications should not be stopped “cold turkey” and a plan may need to be put in place for the transition).

Things to Remember

  • Make sure you look for a good quality, organic CBD product.
  • Verify that there is little to no THC in the product (a good CBD product contains less than 0.3% THC)
  • Start with a smaller dose and work your way up on the dosage until you see the desired result
  • If you purchase treats make sure to keep them separate from the other dog treats so you are not accidentally giving your dog too much CBD
  • Keep an eye on your dog when first starting this journey to make sure there are no side effects
  • Contact your vet if you have any concerns/issues
  • Research has thus far been very promising however it is ongoing

CBD Oil for Dogs

If you have any questions, comments, insights or stories to share please leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “How to use CBD Oil for your Dog

  1. Hi Trish.

    Thanks so much for this. I honestly had never considered CBD oil for dogs, but seeing as it has so many fantastic benefits for humans, it is no surprise when it comes down to it.
    Especially for the pain and inflammation and anxiety issues, I could see this as being super useful.

    A couple of questions: What would you recommend as far as administering it? You mention a dropper, I could imagine this would give the purest dose, but also be a bit challenging to give to the dog.

    And also, could you give CBD to dogs as just a sort of health food? You mention different conditions that could benefit from this as a treatment. But I know people who use CBD oil for just optimising health. Do you think this would work for dogs as well?

    Anyway, great article. Thanks for an eyeopener!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for the interest and comments.

      A dropper can be challenging but depending on your dog you could drop the oil right into their food, on a treat or something like that or you can even drop it on their paw and they can lick it off from there. Those are all options for ways to administer the oil in the purest form. And when that doesn’t work there are the treats that are slightly harder to modify dosage of but were made for this very reason 🙂

      You could very well use to to optimism health as well. Your dog will have a very similar reaction to the CBD Oil as a human would and CBD can be used in the same manner for both humans and dogs which is actually pretty cool 🙂

  2. It sounds like CBD oil is good for dogs for a number of health concerns. This sounds better than a prescription/chemical drug.
    It is good that you point out the dosages and to START with a SMALL DOSE and watch your dog.
    Thank you for this article.

  3. CBD oil is absolutely incredible for puppies. I love giving my pup a good dose of CBD in the morning and in the evening before he snoozes for the night. We all love our puppies; why wouldn’t we take care of them and let them enjoy this magical substance just like we do? I want my pup to live a long time, haha.

    All the best,
    Ben Kuriger

  4. I guess I’m not alone having never thought of CBD oil for a dog, but I suppose that makes perfect sense!

    I do have a question: Does it matter whether it is taken with meals or without? Clearly, if you are using treats or putting drops on their food, it’s with the meal, but is it known whether that’s better than on an empty stomach?


    1. Good question – it can be taken with or without food its just that sometimes it’s easier for people to get their dogs to take it with food 🙂

  5. This is incredible. I had some people recommend CBD oil to me in the past but it was never really something I had looked into that much until now.

    I was wondering if you had any access to research in this field with statistics? I love looking over the way the cannabis industry is affecting people in a quantified way.

    I honestly think this whole idea is great and I look forward to seeing more of your content as it is posted. Thank you!

    1. I do have some statistics but nothing posted yet. I will work on getting some additional stats and get that information posted in the coming weeks.

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